Created on January 20, 2018, our organization aims at actively working for the preservation of our oceans, by allowing everyone to access knowledge and discoveries of marine biology research around the world.

This adventure has only just begun! And it will continue with you, our readers, contributors, partners and donators., etc.

We each contribute to the dissemination of scientific knowledge, towards a better understanding of the environmental issues that our oceans are facing, and we hope that our work will contribute to the emergence of new initiatives to protect marine life..

Why Koural ? It simply means coral in Breton (the Celtic, traditional language spoken in French Brittany)...

Our 3 areas of work


1. Popular science and raising awareness of scientific research on marine biology for different audiences (researchers or others, and children).


2. Creating and implementing educational and field activities to disseminate knowledge about the preservation of the marine environment, including via collaborations with scientific institutions and other organizations.


3. Participation and follow-up of scientific projects.

The Koural Fairy

Koural is our source of inspiration, she is a blue elf who left the Emerald Coast in Brittany to discover the world. During her travels she has met and continues to meet many people, animals and plants, who have all become her friends. With their help, Koural has learned more about the oceans and their natural wonders. She has decided to do everything she can to share the knowledge she acquires everyday !

At night, she whispers in the ears of some passionate people, lovers of the sea and its inhabitants, to suggest them to share their knowledge, their experiences, their findings, and make as many people as possible aware of the importance of preserving these environments.

She never stops expanding the team, and thanks to all of them, the marine world will be better known and therefore, we hope, better preserved.

If you also want to join this adventure, contact us !

Visage de la Fée Koural
My name is Koural. Nice to meet you !

Our team

The projects' trove

  • KARECOMAO is an educational toolkit aiming at exposing children to the richness and diversity of coral reefs, and teach them about the importance of protecting them. This kit has been entirely conceived by the Koural volunteers, upon a request from Deep Blue Exploration. It comprises :

    • the KARECOMAO model,
    • the games DIVERSION, SYMBIO and SERMENO,
    • a construction game to build a 3D coral reef,
    • 2 kits to conduct mini scientific experiments .

    The kit is available to schools, organisations and other actors of environmental education. It is also used by the Koural organization, within its own educational programs and during events aimed at exposing the general public to coral reefs. .

    To know more about the various tools within KARECOMAO, head into the e-library.

    If you're interested in using KARECOMAO for a project of event : contact our team or the Deep Blue Exploration organization.

    KARECOMAO was created with the financial support of the Office Français de la Biodiversité .

  • EDUCOMA is an educational program carried out by our partner Deep Blue Exploration on the territory of Mayotte (Indian Ocean). It aims to raise awareness of more than 500 students of CM1, CM2 and 6ème to the issues of the preservation of coral reefs.

    Photographie séance test EDUCOMA - Chirongi 5 - Mayotte Photographie séance test EDUCOMA - Chirongi 5 - Mayotte Photographie séance test EDUCOMA - Chirongi 5 - Mayotte Photographie séance test EDUCOMA - Chirongi 5 - Mayotte Photographie séance test EDUCOMA - Chirongi 5 - Mayotte Photographie séance test EDUCOMA - Chirongi 5 - Mayotte

    Décliné sous la forme de 6 séances dans chacune des classes participantes, par un animateur de l'association Mayotte Nature Environnement, le programme s'étale sur 2 ans à compter de la rentrée scolaire 2023. Les séances alternent des phases d'activités ludiques, d'expérimentations, d'apports pédagogiques et d'interaction avec des professionnels.

    Koural has created the different educational tools used in this program and is assisting Mayotte Nature Environnement in their implementation.

    More about the EDUCOMA program sur le site internet de Deep Blue Exploration.

    EDUCOMA was created with the financial support of the Mayotte Rectorate and the Office Français de la Biodiversité (Natural Marine Reserve of Mayotte).

    Crédits photo : Mayotte Nature Environnement

  • Bahari-Mor est un programme d'échanges scolaires entre des classes en Bretagne et à Mayotte dédié à la découverte et à l'étude des envrionnements marins de ces 2 territoires..

    Durant toute une année scolaire, chaque classe participante étudie son environnement marin, les menaces qui pèsent sur lui, recense et imagine des solutions pour le préserver et découvre des actions emblématiques de protection déjà existantes sur sont territoire. Tout au long de l'année, elle partage ses découvertes et connaissances acquises avec sa classe référente située sur l'autre territoire et prend ainsi conscience des différences et liens qui existent entre ces 2 environnements éloignés de plus de 8000 km.

    A l'origine de ce programme, Koural met à disposition ses équipes scientifiques et pédagogiques pour l'élaboration et la mise en oeuvre de ce programme avec les enseignants des différentes classes, fourni le matériel scientifique nécessaire à l'étude ainsi que tout le matériel audio/vidéo nécessaires aux échanges à distance entre les élèves et enseignants, et assure la coordination globale du projet.

    Bahari-Mor est un programme réalisé avec l'appui financier de la Fondation Crédit Agricole.

  • The CORCOMA program, initiated in 2021 by the organization for citizen science Deep Blue Exploratio, allows to monitor the health of coral reef ecosystems in Mayotte (Indian Ocean) and to aquire new knowledge on these reefs, particularly in the mesophotic zone between 30 and 120m deep (very difficult to access). Divers from Deep Blue Exploration have put in place a monitoring station which enables :

    • the identification of species (new or already known), their habitats and their dynamics, using 3D cartography technology,
    • the study of their environment from the surface all the way to 120m deep,
    • the census of potential early signs of stress in a few key species, such as sponges and corals.

    Les bénévoles de Koural ont ainsi accompagné Deep Blue Exploration, avec l'appui de Mayotte Nature Environnement, pour l'élaboration des fiches et outils pédagogiques du programme..

    More about the CORCOMA program : Deep Blue Exploration website.

    CORCOMA is made possible with the financial support of the Direction de l'Equipement et de l'Aménagement et du Logement in Mayotte and of the Office Français de la Biodiversité.